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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Budget Meet Your New Buster

I introduce to you to one of my weaknesses that I had escaped by distance and inconvenience.

Budget be prepared to be overturned by Smoothie King.

Why am I saying this? Because a very nice entrepreneur opened one on my route to work. The bastard. They have been open about three months. 

I was going into the Regal Theater at Gallery Place/Chinatown in DC to see the awesome movie Precious. I saw the kiosk but I was in a rush to get inside. After the movie, I stopped by. I got my favorite Banana Berry.

The address for those interested is 703 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001, Phone: (202) 525-5721. They are open from 6:45 am to 11:00 pm.

Why am I predicting this as a budget buster? At one point when I lived in New Orleans I would hit up Smoothie King daily. Smoothie King would be my lunch. It looks like now I'll have to stop myself from having it for breakfast everyday. 

Remember I said that I was giving myself a weekly allowance of $35, well I am going to have to reconfigure the way I spend that $35 to include one Smoothie King smoothie in there.

Never had Smoothie King? Go here to Find Your Smoothie.

What are my other Budget Busters?

For me now besides Smoothie King, are books especially penny paperbacks from Amazon, purses and potato chips.

So your homework is to leave a comment on what are your biggest budget busters? 

Just for kicks, watch the trailer for Precious.


  1. In Seattle, there were Dairy Queens within a reasonable distance. Dunkin' Donuts had died off long ago. And Sonic had only finally opened its first Western Washington branches... over by Tim's parents, about 45 miles from where we live.

    Now? We live within 3 miles of all of them. It's a temptation most days. Especially with Sonic having 99 cent drinks -- slushes and their signature drinks like the Cherry Limeade -- all day every day. Sure, it sounds cheap, but it adds up!!!

    As for smoothies, I became utterly addicted to World Wrapps Strawberry Orange Banana. But I couldn't support my habit. So I just got some frozen berries from the store, bananas (obviously), some yogurt, OJ and don't forget apple juice to cut the acidity of the banana a little. (If you want tastiness, go for vanilla frozen yogurt. If you want to not gain much weight, stick with plain yogurt.)

    The stuff is relatively easy to make. And it's a great way to make sure you have breakfast when you're too hot to think of eating. In the end, I threw in some soy protein powder to help make it more substantial. I had a smoothie almost every day, one summer.

  2. My budget buster is a Strawberry and Creme Frappincino from Starbucks....They are to die for!