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Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekly Allowance and Being an Open Wallet Blogger

I would love to be one of those bloggers with a completely open wallet. The kind that discusses how much they make from their primary source of income, their blog income, their other tertiary income sources. I'm not one of those bloggers. Reporting on exactly how much they contribute to debt repayment, with the gorgeous side bars that get reduced dutifully every month.

Why can't I be one of those bloggers?

It would require me to track every penny and it would require me to be completely honest about the setbacks I experience.

I also don't have the bars either.

My income is not all mine and it is sporadic. I will receive child support payments for two months then nothing for six months or a year. Most of my child support I dump equally between my two kids savings accounts. I keep a portion for savings and small items they need.

Also I wish I had better financial expert fairy godmother who could wave her wand and repair my credit and put money in the bank.

Since I don't have a fairy god-mother...What I can do to remedy my lack of open wallet-ness is to divulge my weekly spending.

I set a weekly spending allowance for myself of $35. This is to help curb those spending sprees that happen after a long drought of self denial.

It has been working out pretty well, knowing that I have something to spend doesn't as I assumed make me create spending opportunities. Here is how I have spent my allowance this week, I know the week is not over but I can guesstimate what I will spend today and tomorrow.

Sunday: Nothing
Monday: Smoothie King - $5.94
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: State Driving Record $17.00
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Safeway $15.00 (my limit) for Office Potluck
Saturday: Nothing

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