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Monday, December 28, 2009

My 2010 Financial Goals

Following my 2009 Goals, I am dividing my 2010 financial goals into the same three categories: Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term. As I said in My 2009 Financial Goals Review I am adding numbers to set benchmarks for achievement. Many off these goals are repeats of the 2009 goals.

Short Term:
1.  Replace old notebook computer (I am starting online graduate school in February and my old notebook will not be able to keep up)
2.  Schedule new recurring payments to boost Emergency and Life Happens accounts (I am thinking $75-$100 per pay period  per account.)
3.  Pick (5)small (under five hundred dollars) charge offs on credit report to pay off
4.  Brainstorm (25) ways to bring in multiple income streams

Mid Term:
1.  Save the $1000 dollars to initially fund Roth account
2.  Start 529s for the little ones & begin funding
3.  Pay off small charges on credit report (Three by June, all five by December)
4.  Develop (10) ideas into plans to have multiple income streams

Long Term:
1.  Make some Roth contributions for the year (Total contributions allowed for 2010 is $5,000)
2.  Save three months of expenses in Emergency Fund ($12,500)
3.  Save three months of expenses in Life Happens Fund ($12,500)
4.  Apply multiple income streams to achieve snowflaking, charge off payments, Emergency, Life Happens and Roth goals.

I am planning to do better fulfilling my goals in 2010 than I did in 2009. What are your financial goals for the new year?  Are you making other resolutions for 2010? What are they? How do you categorize your goals?

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