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Monday, December 21, 2009

Review of My 2009 Financial Goals

This is the end of year review of my 2009 financial goals. I had a lackluster, below average year in the financial arena. I divided my 2009 goals into three categories: Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term. I think for my 2010 Goals I will set more concrete goals with numbers so that I can have an achievement mark.

Short Term:

Pay for wisdom tooth extraction (eventually had all four taken out)  (Achieved through the use of my FSA, a great referral and my dental insurance)

Pay for notebook computer repair (Achieved but it will need replacement in the next year)

Schedule new recurring payments to boost Emergency and Life Happens (Not Achieved Scheduled payments but cancelled after a few months)

Pick small charge offs on credit report to pay off (Partially Achieved, paid off a couple of things but not all)

Brainstorm ways to bring in multiple income streams  (Achieved)

Mid Term:

Save the 1000 dollars to initially fund Roth account (Not Achieved)

Start 529s for the little ones (Not Achieved, started paperwork but didn't make deposits)

Pay off small charges on credit report (Partially Achieved)

Develop ideas into plans to have multiple income streams
Total income made $1,400)

Long Term

Max out Roth contributions for the year (Not Achieved)

Pay myself a car note each month in anticipation of getting a car (Not Achieved)

Save six months of expenses in Emergency Fund (Not Achieved)

Save six months of expenses in Life Happens Fund (Not Achieved)

Apply multiple income streams to snowflaking (Partially Achieved)

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