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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reader Question

I am very excited this is my first reader question. (Well one I have been able to answer or even acknowledge.)

What is my first reader question?

You have keep what you look like a secret but what celebrity do you look like? Okay, JJames, here is the answer.

I can answer this one easily. My family, my friends and perfect strangers are always pointing out my striking resemblance to...

Yes, no other than Jill Scott.

Okay admittedly she is more glamorous on a regular basis. I haven't worn makeup daily since I worked in the casinos (Those lights make everyone corpse like).

If I entered a celebrity look alike contest Jill Scott is who I go in as. I can see were people see the resemblance. We have a similar face shape and structure, especially around the cheek and jaw line, a pretty good expanse of forehead, a distinctive hairdo and the same body build.

I am happy to answer other reader questions. If you have one you can post it here or email me directly at ConvertingASpendthrift (at) Hotmail.com.

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