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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I'm Buying: Enell

In my blog post, The Hardships of a Large Breasted Woman, I lamented on the fact that my 'G' cup sized breasts were becoming the bane of my existence. Since I have begun working out I have been wearing two bras and furiously searching for a proper sports bra to provide support. I ran across this review for the sports bras at Big Breast Support.com. This website is quickly becoming a new favorite. 

This line in the review caught my attention for sure:

Why? Because 'D' sized breasts can bounce an average of 6-8 inches when running! Ouch!

 After finishing the review I went to the Enell website to order. You can order online here but I went to see if there was a retailer in my area. Mercy of all mercies, there is one in my town!

I will be going (hopefully, my schedule is pretty full) sometime this week to get my own.

I will let you know how well the Enell improves my workout experience!

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