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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whip It Up Wednesday

Daily Specials

Monday                                                     $5.25
Gilled Chicken Breast with mashed pot  and veggies

Tuesday                                                      $3.75
Taco Tuesday

Wednesday                                                 $3.75
Hamburger Helper, two veggies

Thursday                                                    $0.00
Oldest Pick (Must be chosen from local {in the house} ingredients)

Friday                                                         $6.25
Open face Roast beef sandwiches with Swiss Cheese and  tater tots

Saturday                                                    $7.25
Fish Fry, Fries and hush puppies

Sunday                                                       $7.75
Turkey Breast, sweet potato fries and veggies

Payment for your meals can be rendered to the Parental Units in cash, check or family credit of complete chores.

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