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Friday, February 12, 2010

Follow Friday

Just like everything else in my life I get bored really easily; this time I'm talking about doing my daughters hair. She's 8. For those of you who know natural hair types she is a 3c/4a. Her hair is past her shoulders just about even with the bottom of her shoulder blades. She has never had a perm or relaxer. We tried the texturizer but did not like how it was too close to a relaxer for my liking.

For years, I would just do plain two strand twists but she has gotten older and wanted more styles. I also have literally run out of steam as her hair has gotten longer to spend three to four hours washing and conditioning, and twisting her hair.

We took a break from the two strand twists and did cornrows for a while. But I grew tired of these styles as well. As well as paying someone to do them. Our search for versatility and new styles lead us to CurlyNikki.com

At Curly Nikki.com we found Beads, Braids and Beyond as well as The Story of a Princess and Her Hair  and countless YouTube videos and vloggers offering their natural hair wisdom and creativity. 

I also discovered Mississippi Mulatto, a fellow curvy sister and blogger who has the most beautiful head of hair.

I stumbled upon the CurlyNikki site through a recommendation from Twitter, of course.

My daughter and I love these sites and many others. When she is about to get her hair done. She wants to do it in front of the computer. So she can watch vloggers and their tutorials. If you want to see some of who we have been watching on YouTube, we are Converting Me

One day me may be brave enough to post our own vlog there. Have you ever vlogged?

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