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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updates from Me

Score one for me.

My small student loan from Mohela has gotten under $5,000. I am incredibly happy about this. I received word from the Financial Aid Department that they have completed my in school deferment on the larger Sallie Mae loan. Once the deferment paper work goes through, I can begin paying the small loan down in earnest. The Mohela payments are currently $72.73. I have been paying $140. 

Other things going on in my life. 

I am tired. I am tired all the time. If I'm at my desk I am ready to dose off. If I'm on the bus commuting I fall asleep.

To make matters worse I have gained weight. Two pounds. Reducing my weight loss to four pounds. My love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels will have to be restarted. and I need to recommit to losing weight no matter the distractions. I couldn't keep getting up at 4:30 am to exercise after going to bed at midnight when I stay up trying to get things done. I decided to give myself a bed time of 9:30. I will have to be in better about getting in bed and reducing distractions

I am working on time management now. I have broken my weekly school work assignments into five days. With a block on Saturday to complete what I haven't finished.

I was very excited about getting A's on all my assignments until I got a 90 today. My trepidation over starting graduate has lessened. My class load is heavy, very heavy. I start my third class next week and I only expect my class load to grow exponentially. This third class is taught by one of my current professors and she assigns a lot of reading and writing.

I joined the International Association of Emergency Managers as a student. This is great because I need to start building connections before I finish my Master's. This is something I neglected as an undergraduate.

I have placed a three month moratorium on buying clothes. I need to focus on working with what I have not expansion. I did get some accessories from OneStop Plus - a stretch ring (which I love) and two belts. I decided that if I bought something, it would only be accessories. 

I broke a strap on my larger giraffe print bag. I am so upset, I don't think I have ever lost a purse or handbag. I am going to take it to the cobbler in a near by shopping center to see if he can repair it.

Have you ever damaged a handbag? How did you repair it? A cobbler? Some home made repair?

Ok, enough about me what have you been doing?

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