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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Article: Size 14 women happiest with life and looks

@cwattigney called me at 8:20 am one morning to tell me about a story she heard on the radio. This isn't unusual, because for the longest @cwattigney would call me at 6 am. 

I would jokingly tell people she was my alarm clock. 

The phone would ring. 

Me asleep: "Hello?! (Can you hear the WTF? in my voice?)

@cwattigney: "Good morning, Sunshine!"

She would then launch into a conversation (don't ask me what she talked about I was asleep), that included asking to sing a morning wake up song to Princess.

I swear for the longest time, she has only been my friend to get to Princess.

Anyway back to the very interesting story/article, she heard on her way to work.

 According to a poll on 3,000 British women, the size 14 women are the happiest with their life and looks. Of all the women queried, girls who wear the 14 dress size rated their general happiness higher than all others with a quarter saying they were extremely thrilled.

A quarter of those with a 14 dress size said they were positively thrilled by the way they looked, over a half said their careers were just what and where they wanted them to be, while almost a third of all stated that their love lives were extremely satisfactory.
Second in the list came size 12 women, who claimed that they were satisfied with the personal lives, followed by sizes 8, 16 and 10.

I find it funny that the 'average woman' is the happiest with her body type. 

Also, the women who were size 6 were some of the least happiest. Are the size 6's aspiring to be size 4 or a 2? 

And those who were the least happiest happened to be my size range 20-22-24. 

Huh, WTF? While I can see how the 20-22-24 range can be unhappy with their/our size why are we the unhappiest? Are those who are 26-28 and up happier than we are? Are we 20-22-24 aspiring to be 14 or 16?

Go read the full article here and let me know what you think. 

The article is a few years old but that shouldn't have a major affect on the validity of it.

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