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Friday, March 26, 2010

Follow Friday: Mystakin777

This Follow Friday will be a little different. 


Instead of recommending a blogger or Twitterer, I am presenting Mystakin777,  vlogger on YouTube. Princess and I love her. 

One she is a classic looking beauty. 

Two, she can work a wig. 

Third, she is a bit of a hair chameleon like me 

Lastly, she has turned me onto the next hairstyle I am obsessing over crochet braids.

If you have a YouTube account, are into lace wigs or just curious go over to her channel and watch.

I want this to be my summer hairstyle. I may be doing some travel for work as well as just for fun and I want something seemingly low stress. I don't want that much length but I think it is fab!

What do you think of the hair style? I am on the prowl looking for someone in the DC area who can do this. If you know someone, hook a sister up. Get it - hook (crochet) LOL!

Or I may have to take the drastic action of having someone cornrow my own hair and then I crochet the loose/bulk hair in myself. 

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