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Monday, March 1, 2010

Free to Me

I love signing up for free samples and products. 

What I love even more than that is getting free stuff in the mail! (Do you hear that potential sponsors or companies that want me to review products?) 

In the last week I've gotten a free sample of Apple Bottom by Nelly perfume (thanks to Hanging with Mrs Cooper.  

I also received a 2010  Mueller's Meal Planner (thanks to Free Sample Freak).

Wait there is more. 

A coupon for a free pack of Double Stuff Golden Oreo's and a coupon for a bottle of International Delight creamer (flavor chosen Caramel Macchiato).

One lucky break for me was on my commute to work last week. I was at the Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station.  Nescafe was giving away samples of their Taster's Choice instant coffee packs.

I've signed up for a half a dozen things that I hope to receive.

What have you gotten free lately?

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