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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look the Part

There's a saying that if you really want something you should look the part to attract it. I noticed that I wear the same thing to work almost every day. Jeans, shirt and sweater, this constitutes about 25 articles of clothing. My office is very casual and I think this has infused my attitude. I need to reset my mind so that the casual atmosphere I work in isn't being transfered into my job search, infusing it with negativity.

My look is so basic prep. I may substitute slacks one day but that is my very basic wardrobe. I have been maximizing with a scarf but that is mainly to keep my body temp the same. Not to be extra fashionable.

Another thing I realized is that I stopped wearing make up. Not even a tinted gloss. Part of this is laziness and part is the Hubbster. (He is of the archaic opinion that only ugly women wear make-up) I have tried to explain that you don't want to be the one in the room without.

I have decided to at least put on lipstick everyday. I may put on more. I have been YouTubing make up videos with Princess. I swear, YouTube is the virtual how to encyclopedia! Need to learn something? Go to YouTube, there's a video for that.

Here are the things on my wishlist:  I don't want to invest a lot of money into makeup accessories. I have makeup that I purchased on sale, with coupons and with other discounts like Extra Care Bucks and single check rebates, etc

I have never used brushes to apply make up before. I bought a small travel set of brushes and will begin 'practicing' with them before I go for the larger set.

I also have looked at mineral makeup. I think I may want to try it.

Help me out! What make up products are you using? Have you ever used mineral makeup? Applied with brushes? How are you storing your makeup? 

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