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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Job Search, Networking and Student Organizations

What can I say? In the last nine months I haven't even gotten an interview. I would kill for an interview right now. I know I'm lucky to be working.

However, I want out of my place of employment. I have to keep applying until something comes.

I want to cry out in despair...Why won't something come!?!?!?

I realized the other day. I rarely find a job when I already have a position.

I hope to find something in the field I am studying for my Master's in Emergency Management. I am willing to go in at the very bottom to learn my way up while I get my degree.

This is one of the reasons I joined the International Association of Emergency Managers as a student.I have also joined a couple of other student organizations. I didn't network as an undergraduate, which hasn't aided my job search since I finished my undergraduate.

How has networking aided your job search? Did  a student organization help you land a job? How is your job search going? Tell me in the comments...

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