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Friday, March 12, 2010

TGIF: Too Tired Edition

Want to know how tired I am?

The Hubbster has started calling me narcoleptic.

Apparently, I fall asleep mid sentence and have done it enough to amuse and annoy him.

I wake up in the morning with the alarm. I'm so tired I can't function. I will  swear I am only going to get 5 or ten more minutes!

I wake up half an hour later.

Remember me saying that I couldn't work out and do school work, well I can't do much of anything right now.

No energy, no motivation, no nothing. 

The Hubbster isn't right in his diagnosis. (Even if he was I couldn't allow him to have the satisfaction)

It is just that I am so very tired. I think I need to make an appointment with the doctor.

Maybe I am missing something diet wise that is causing me to be so fatigued. 

Have you ever have a week (or in my case a month) were you were so drained? What did you do to combat the fatigue? Vitamins? Food?

Please help me out...quick before I fall asleep...ZZZZZ (too late)

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