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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updates From Me

Well, I have had a weird week for sure. 

Work: First, my boss was let go along with the COO of the company. 

@cwattigney got a job offer, and yes the green eyed monster reared its head. I have been trying to leave my company for a while and can't get an interview. She has had more interviews in the last six months than I have had in the last two years. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her but it just makes me sad for myself.


I am so overwhelmed and if it wasn't too late i would drop at least one of my three classes.

Money & financial goals: 

With the loan check I received I am well on my way to touching 25% of my savings goals. 

Hubbster and I decided to switch everyone from my insurance through work to his. I was paying $123 every two weeks. Now Hubbster is paying around $68 every two weeks. A savings of $55 every two weeks, $110 a month or $1320 a year!  We have been saving a lot of money. 

I also carefully reviewed my paystub. Unfortunately, HR was behind in stopping my insurance payments. I will be getting a refund of $617 dollars for what was mistakenly  taken out. 


I was invited by one of my coworkers to join another friend of hers bookclub. It sounds like total fun! They are a diverse group of women. Each month is held at a different woman's home and they read all genre's.


We took Superhero to the doctor for his racking black lung cough. Apparently post nasal drip is the culprit.

We also have a referral to have Superhero reevaluated for his ADD meds. He has gotten in so much trouble in the last month or so I am frightened he will be expelled from school. 

Princess. Oh what can I say about Princess. Is there a medicine to make a child not talk for an hour? That's all I ask. 

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