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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monif C Gift Certificate Giveaway at

Monif C of the Convertible Dress is offering readers  of the blog, Return to Sender, a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. I have entered every way from Sunday. The Hubbster sent me the video eons ago but I have been kept at bay by the price. Maybe if I am the lucky winner I can finally get the long orange one or the black one.

I will have to wait an see when a kelly green one will make an appearance...

Never heard of the Convertible Dress? It is a dress that you can wrap and shape to your body to cover or uncover whatever parts of your body you want to highlight. The dress is a circle skirt with 9 foot long straps.

Want to see the Marilyn Convertible Dress in action?

Go here to look at the Monif C line of Convertible Dresses.

Go here to see the entire Monif C line of casual and cocktail dress and swimsuits including this Hot Number

Go here to enter the giveaway! You have up to six opportunities to enter and WIN!


  1. It was so great meeting you the other night! Really glad I found you :) Now, I might just have to jump on Twitter. But no promises!

  2. It was great meeting you as well; you are a load of fun. We will have to meet again. I won't nag you about Twitter (much)!