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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Portion Sizes and Me

OKBF has gained some weight recently. She (probably under my influence) has started eating her feelings. 

Anyway, this isn’t really about her. 

This is about me. 

OKBF was telling me that she had one of her instructors from physical trainer school create a meal plan for her that would help her drop some weight quickly.

I said tell it to me. She did and I started the plan yesterday morning. 

The problem is that I never realized how off my estimations of portions were. 

This morning as I was preparing my food to follow the plan, I overestimated the size of everything. The plan calls for one cup of broccoli. My cup of broccoli was closer to two cups before measuring it. 

I'm glad I bought the chicken and fish portions precut and measured because I'm not sure if I want to know how badly I would have been off in those estimations. I don't want to buy anything but maybe a kitchen scale will come in handy.
Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Food Scale, Chrome

Any way, why are my portion sizes so far off? Have I been brainwashed? 

My question: Is it because I am an amateur foodie or a big girl that I want larger portions? 

How am I going to retrain myself to take less food? Smaller plates, eating more often, eating better quality food. 

Is everyone this far off in their belief of what a normal portion should be or is it just me?

The WebMD Portion Size Plate is an interactive visual that compares the proper portion size with household or common objects.

After looking at what a true portion size I feel even worse. I know how much I have over eaten now.

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