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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I learned at IKEA today

We made a quick excursion to IKEA today for the silverware sets they have on sale for $9.99, the set of everyday dishes in purple. They were either 18.99 or 24.99. We also went to pick up more hooks for my STOLMEN closet system.

Of course, no one is disciplined enough to walk into IKEA and not come out with other things. We found some great stuff on clearance. Several sizes of the LINGO storage boxes were marked down to next ton nothing. A pack of two was 49 cents.

No trip to IKEA is complete without stopping in the As Is section. My trip in today rewarded me doubly. I picked up the EFF ADDON two shelf unit for $44.00. Regular price is $80. When I first saw the unit, it was marked either $55 or $59. I had to ask one of the lovely IKEA crew members to come and disconnect it from the string system they have so that people can't pull them over.

We struck up a conversation while he was disconnecting the EFF ADDON.

He asked if I 'was getting the other unit I was looking at'.

I said "No, not unless you can make it the price of this one."

He told me "No, but I can tell you if it has been in the As Is section over a week, we can mark it down some for you."

Of course, I flew over (well hobbled, my foot is still in this damn post op boot) to see the date it had came in. April 18. One week to the day!

Next time you hit IKEA go by and see what has been there over a week.

I had an epiphany while in the As Is section. There are so many shelves there. Most marked down under ten. If you wanted some funky mixed shelves you could mix and match to your hearts content. All you would need  to purchase additionally would be brackets.

Have you been to IKEA lately?

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