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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Supply Store

A coworker stated she was going to the beauty supply store today at lunch.

I said "I'll ride with you" I should have stayed at my desk working on my research paper.

She, my coworker loves the way I wrap my head in scarves to highlight my afro and help highlight the shape of my face. I started examining the scarves to pick a few for her.

Why did I do that?

Knowing I am a tactile person.

If I touch, I want.

I should know my main trigger to buying by now. I am okay with looking, I can walk right on by. But if my hand gets a chance to feel something - that's it. I have trouble letting go. Especially handbags, I will put the strap in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder and walk around with a sense of ownership.

I'm not sure why I have such an affinity to touching. Probably stems from my Grandmother raising me 'to not touch' because it isn't mine.

One of the reasons I have learned not to wear my natural hair out for an extended period of time is because I can't stop playing with it.

Pics of the scarves:

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