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Friday, May 14, 2010

No OOTD and Updates from ME

Today, I woke up feeling horrible and really didn't get myself together until around noon. By getting myself together I mean, awake and alert and functionally working.

Today, I wore jeans, a New Orleans Saints sweatshirt (cause my team is still the Superbowl Champs!), my favorite flats, no makeup, head scarf and a scowl until noon.

What is going on with Spendthrift? Too much school and not enough sleep.

Graduate school has gotten progressively harder and harder, I am spending my lunch break, my commute and most evenings working on school work.

In case you missed my Tweets; the Hubbster took me to Baltimore for a tour of locations where The Wire (one of the best television shows ever) on Mother's Day. I will load photos later.

I also have partial blog posts (I know real blog posts about making and saving money) that need to be completed and published.

Remember the Holy Mother of Nyx sale. Everything has arrived:

I also boughtNYX Eyeshadow Base Eye Shadow Primer 03 Skin Tone to make my eyeshadow pop. Nothing worse than dull eyeshadow.

The Cast of Characters

Superhero is having more behavior problems not less. This week culminated in a two day suspension. I literally am at my wits end. Superhero and I had a 45 minute conversation about his behavior and my expectations, then the very next day goes to school and gets in trouble. I feel like I wasted my time talking to him.

How do you explain to a 13 year old boy that he has crossed the little boy line and his antics will only cause more trouble? I have tried to explain to him time and time again that his size is detrimental to him. His height  acts against him and he isn't a cute little boy that people will overlook his trouble making.

Princess came home with a bad grade in reading. It upset me so much, because this is something she should excel in but she is struggling. She also is slacking off in school and in completing her chores.

Stepson recently went to senior prom. Colleges are calling the house daily but he doesn't seem to have much interest in attending.

Maybe I am saying something wrong to the children because everything I say goes in one ear and out the other.

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