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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Essence Day 1: Me meeting Make Up Artist & Personality Sam Fine and more

Essence so far has been awesome! I have been at other Essence Music Fest in the past but normally I was holding down the bar trying to make money to feed Princess, Superhero and I.

Me meeting Sam Fine and getting an autographed DVD. He is a bit of awesome.
So I have really enjoyed my first 'official' Essence. Here are some pictures so you can enjoy it too.

M C Lyte! She is all awesome ness.

The Dome at Sunset. Filing in.

Raphael Saadiq is awesome to watch. He also takes off an article of clothing after every other song. (That is even better to watch!)

 Arrested Development was so good we went twice!     In between our two trips to Arrested Development, we saw the group so nice, they were named twice - Mary, Mary!!!!

And last was Janet Jackson in all of her flawlessness!


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