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Saturday, July 31, 2010

OOTD: July 30th, Outlet Shopping and more

This dress is a Karen Kane that I got at the Dillard's Clearance Outlet when I was Dallas earlier this week.

I paired it with an oversized purple belt from Rainbow - $5 on sale.

I also carried my Joy Mangano Cancun drop bag that I picked up on clearance.

Lastly, since my feet are still swollen - the Rachel Cork Sandal from Montego Bay Club.

My eye makeup was Revlon Luxurious Perle Eye Shadow - Violet with NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow 06 Black Pearl& the highlight color from my Almay Intense i-Color- 001 Trio for Browns

The Dillard's Outlet was typical of most such places. Some great things, some overpriced and some very aged. I saw some dresses that were better suited to reenactments of the Mayflower Crossing or Little House on the Prairie than for modern day wear.

The thing is when you go to one of these places (outlets, thrift, etc) is to know what you want and have several ideas about how to meet your goal.

I was looking for dresses. I made a slight detour to shoes when I first got there because I wasn't going to pass up a large section of big girl shoes (sizes 10 and 1/2 to 12's).

After my shoe diversion, I went to the Woman's section.

There was so much stuff but I had my eye on the dresses. I am on the search for three kinds.

First, a sheath dress preferably in a solid color.
Second, a tea length cocktail dress (not necessarily a cocktail dress) but a dressy dress.
Third, a couple cute summer dress to combat the heat.

The Karen Kane dress was originally $118. At the
Outlet it was $35.40 with an additional 30% percent off.

More on Dillard's later.
I also picked up a sheath dress in Espresso.  

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