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Monday, July 26, 2010

Outfit of the Night #OOTN: July 26th

My Outfit of the Night is this heavenly ruffle column dress from Ashley Stewart. I got this one for $20.00. It was reduced, then 1/2 off on Saturday. I wore it to a talent showcase on the same day and after the Hubbster and I left the showcase I was rubbing it - more like fondling it. (You know I'm a tactile person.) The Hubbster laughed at me and said "Did they have a different color?"

I said "Oooo, other colors."

The Ashley Stewart I went to only had the brown dress but we went to another store close by and they had the turquoise one. Reduced price and 1/2 off as well.

This Outfit Of The Night is paired with the Sarafina plaid wedges from Payless.

Lastly, the cute ruffle jacket was from the 50% off rack at Ashley Stewart too.

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