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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've Got Friends in Low Places or Just Too Many: Social Media and Friends

I was checking my email earlier today and received a friend request on Foursquare from a coworker. I was taken aback for a moment on whether to accept or not.

It did make me think of that old Garth Brooks song, Friends In Low Places.

Enjoy the video before we delve into the rest...

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Why did her Foursquare request give me pause?

CoWorker, we will call her M.Y. and I already friends on Facebook, we are connected on LinkedIn, we follow each other on Twitter.

How much connectivity do we need?

M.Y. and I are not besties like @cwattigney or OKBF or even TallFriend (even though we are as the kids say we are "beefing" right now).

M.Y. and I often can go a whole week at work with only exchanging the most cursory greetings to one another. I admit I socialize with very few people at work.

Since we aren't best friends or even good friends; I would say we are associates.

She is a social media hound like I am. Plus she is often the only one at work who understands when I go into social media, web and blogging jargon like hashtag and SEO and page impressions.

My questions are:

  • How many social media connections are too many? 
  • Do I really want her to be able to see "where" I check in on Foursquare?
  • Where do you draw the line at forming too many connections via social media?
  • Do you connect with everyone on every social media outlet? Are you only friends with some on Twitter and not on Facebook? 
Let me know your thoughts on over connectivity. Do you think I should befriend M.Y. on Foursquare?

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