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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Dirty Dozen Things I Loved and Learned in Boise

Via Mark Johnston

This is my Idahoan travelogue about the 13 things I loved and learned in Boise.

1. Boise Art Glass - Read my earlier post (with photos). I didn't buy anything while I was there but I want a vortex pendant badly. 

2. The Piper Pub and Grill - Homemade Handmade Tater Tots that had bacon and cheese nestled inside. It was like eating a fried baked potato. We went back so much I became the Mayor on Foursquare

3. Boise is the City of Trees. Who knew?

4. Boise has a large population of Basque. Numbering about 15,000, Boise's ethnic Basque          community is the second largest such community in the United States after Bakersfield, California and the fifth largest in the world outside MexicoArgentinaChile and the Basque Country in Spain and France.

5. Julia Uberuaga, a Basque has an island in Antarctica named after her. Uberuaga operates heavy equipment at the U. S. Antarctic Project. When she reached her 20th season in 2000, an island was named after her. Uberuaga Island, just a half mile long, is at the Eastern end of the Dailey Islands.

6. Lauburu or Basque cross is a sacred solar symbol that is found archaeologically as far back as the Basques themselves Lau buru is supposed to mean four heads or four ends or four summits and is meant to depict the compass directions or the four elements.

7. Boise is a very pedestrian friendly city. There are bike racks on almost every block. 

8. LUX Fashion Lounge is a vintage clothing/consignment shop that has the clothing I wear in my head. I bought earrings for $3 and a stretchy ring for $6. 

9. Huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho. I actually like them in chocolate truffles.

10. There are a lot of funky little shops and galleries in Boise. I think I visited half of them. The chain stores are further out in the suburbs. 

11. Will Bullas - I discovered his posters and prints at Gallery 601. I laughed at almost every poster I saw. Love his stuff... I bought a signed copy of Hot Chicks in High Heels. 

12. La Vie En Rose Bakery  & Bistro has chocolate dipped chocolate shortbread. Yum.

13.  The Red Feather Lounge has a pastry chef that makes beignet balls with a chocolate caramel sauce and apple galette with ice cream on the side and a huge wine tower.

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