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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project 10 Pan Update & Black Eyeshadow Replacement

Remember my post about ME starting my very own Project 10 Pan?

For those of you that missed it...Project 10 Pan is a pledge not to purchase any new makeup products until you have hit 'pan' or completely finished ten of your current products.

Status - 3/4 of the way there

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eye Makeup Remover Pads

3. elf Eye Makeup Remover Pads - 

Status - Complete

Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation w/ Gift Concealer - Beautiful Bronze/toast04

Status - far, far away

Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss ~ Sugarberry

5. Mary Kay Sugarberry Nourishine lip gloss

Status - not even close

Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift Sheer Peaceful Plum.

7. Sally Hansen Sheer Peaceful Plum. Found in Dollar Tree!

Status - no where close

            8. Savvy Blushing Natural Blusher (not pictured)
9. Wet N Wild Gel Liner. I have this in Eggplant and Black. 

Status - 3/4 of the way through.

                          10. Lancome The New Black Metallic

                            Status - Hit pan but still have the plenty on the sides.

I ventured into Walmart tonight. Yes, I had to come home to shower off the stench of too many people shopping for the least priced product of dubious quality.

I went in for one purpose. I wanted to see Hard Candy makeup up close. 

My reaction to it in person. 

Double Wowser!!!

I think I have found the replacement to my Lancome The New Black Metallic - Hard Candy's Black Hole.

<---- I also fell in love with Intergalactic. 

I would rather pay $6 than $17. Not sure if I want to make more trips to Walmart though. 

Oh, Hard Candy can't you find some other chain to sell your line?

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