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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV Thursday: Trying to turn the TV off

Graduate school is tougher this semester.

Not sure if it is the increased class load of these two classes or the insertion of the FEMA internship (more on this later).

I get home in the evenings and I am watching tv and not completely concentrating on my assignments.

I am having a hard time just turning the television off because I need the opportunity to veg out.

I need a twelve step program or I need to reprogram myself.

I am now going to make a conscious effort to work in a room with no television. Maybe that will help with my at least some of my distractability issues.

I'm also trimming down the amount of television I'm watching. The rest will have to be DVR'ed or hopefully caught up with OnDemand after the semester.

Shows that I'm keeping without a doubt Glee, The Good Wife, The Middle and Dexter.

Shows that I will DVR to watch if everything else (homework, food, Princess' hair, my hair, clothes organized, etc) is done - Jerseylicious, Sons of Anarchy, Undercovers and Parenthood.

Everything else I've been scouting - Detroit 1-8-7, BlueBloods, Hellcats, etc will just have to wait or get lost.

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