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Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspired by @glamazini & Follow Friday

Wednesday, I'm at work minding my own Bidness (which means I'm playing around on Twitter, cause I ran out of work to do).

This tweet appears.

I click. Of course I click. 

It is Glamazini! 

Princess and I devour her YouTube videos. What is not to love about her?  She is hysterically funny, kinda goofy, God fearing, natural hair diva, tall, exotic island girl and more.

Yes, I picture her as my friend in my head.

Oops, I went off topic.

Anyway, the link lead to Glamazini's blog where there was this gorgeously cute Twisted Faux Hawk on a little girl. 

It seemed like fate stepped in because I was looking for something for Princess's hair for T-Day when all the Hubbster's family would be here. 

I tweeted Glamazini back and she responded!

Here is the finished product.

Princess received so many compliments on her hair yesterday and got called "Willow Smith" by several relatives.

Go to Glamazini's blog for the instructions on how to do this great hairstyle and make sure to follow @Glamazini on Twitter.

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