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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Create Down and Dirty Last Minute Presents for under Cheap

I have said before gift giving is about showing how much you care, not about how much is spent.

Just because it is this --><-- close to Christmas doesn't give you an excuse to blow the bank on extravagant presents to impress the ones you love. Here are some instructions for down and dirty presents that can be achieved quickly.

Creating that perfect present for cheap is easy it requires you to think about the person you are giving gifts to and a little creativity.

Remember my rules. The Practical Gift Giver's rules, I'm adding another rule. 

  • Think about what that person likes,
  • pick a theme, 
  • review the upcoming sales, 
  • find coupons, 
  • the Dollar Stores are your best friend,
  • find a non traditional container for gifting,
  • anchor with a how to book.

The simplest present to give anyone is food. Why? Because everyone has to eat. This is also the easiest to achieve. Walk in a grocery store, any grocery store or dollar store, pick an aisle and throw things together until you have achieved your cost point.

Black Velvet Contempo Wine Bottle BagDon't believe me? Why do I have to prove myself to you people? LeSigh.

My friend M. is the biggest real life foodie I know. She loves to cook, loves to talk about food, loves to watch other people cook, and read about food. Do you think if I gave her a basket or velvet wine bottle bags with three different kinds of cooking oils or cooking sherry or vinaigrettes; she would love me less or even more?

Another friend, K. is a vegan. One of her meal staples is beans. Do you think she would turn askance at a pail of five kinds of dried beans like lentils, garbanzo, black beans and more? Think she wouldn't be twice as excited if that pail had a couple of packs of seeds and a book on container gardening.

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