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Saturday, December 11, 2010

#Reverb10 Day 11 or How to Keep My Conversion Going

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? 

Well THIS prompt is right up my alley. This blog has morphed over the last couple of three years from my personal adventures in finance to a blog about me changing or "Converting" my life totally. 

What 11 things do I need to give up in 2011?

1. Procrastination - Yes even I spend way too much time thinking about what needs to be done than actually doing it. I'll start my procrastination with a period of self reflection but instead of snapping out of it. I will say, it isn't going anywhere, it isn't due until Sunday, I'm tired, I'll do it after this.... That is my number one trait/bad habit that I need to combat in the new year

2. Being overly judgmental or critical of others - I have to learn that I am ME and I shouldn't try to change others into what I think they can be or some facsimile of me.

3. Weight - My hardest struggle but one I am confident I will finish and beat.

4. Debt - I have a been very aggressive in playing down my small student loan. Next year I will have paid it off completely. I have also been paying off other small debts that are clouding my credit score.

5.  Anger - In my post, An Open Letter to the Woman Who Birthed Me I speak of the anger I harbor toward my mother, what I don't mention is the anger I harbor at others as well. It is time for me to release this anger and find a place of peace within myself.

6. Frenemies - You know those friends who are always there with a negative comment. I have the perfect example. I was chatting with a girlfriend. I was talking about a job I wanted to apply for and how much I was excited about the prospect of being interviewed and potentially hired. I was relaying the responsibilities of the job. Then she said something like "...are you trying to run the world?" Huh? I don't need someone trying to down me for wanting a fulfilling job.

7. Clutter - It creeps in from everywhere. I am going to stand over the trash can and shred stuff as it comes in to the house.

8.  Wasting Time - Here I need to break away from the tv and Facebook and Twitter and other little time consumers.

9. Product Junky-ism - stop buying things until I have a need or just purchasing things because they are on sale or because I watched a YouTube video or a blogger recommended it.

10. Not promoting myself and my business more. I need to open my mouth more to promote myself. I need to start charging for the advice I give in a professional capacity. 

11. Junk Food - Have I mentioned my love of chips and dips and cookies and cake and pie? I have a junk food addiction and I must find a way to cleanse my body of these before foods.

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