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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#Reverb10 Day 1

My one word that describes my 2010 is transitional. This year has been one long transition for me.

I would love to have used the word trans-formative signalling that I had completed the journey emerging from my cocoon.

I have been working toward fixing smaller things in my life and my mindset has been shifting more now that I am learning to control my thoughts (thanks graduate school) and analyze things in a productive manner.

This hasn't been a year of growth for me. I haven't made leaps and bounds in my thinking just learned better ways to communicate my thoughts but I have starting moving more toward the ME I want to be everyday.

This has also been transitional because of my graduate school studies in emergency management, my FEMA internship, my MakeUp Journey and some of my many travels for work.

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