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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm only a day late

In wishing you a Happy New Year. I have been busy...so excuse the tardiness.

I've been working on creating a webspace for my #sidehustle.

Sorry, I fell into Twitterspeak, I mean my small business. I want to be able to post short articles for my clients as well as have a place for them to go for a ready reference. I decided last month or maybe it was in November that I would begin sending out an eNewsletter.

Why tell clients how good I am at something if I'm not willing to show them examples?

I may have gotten a new client or two over the weekend when I was getting my Kimberley Locke do did. I made a goal this year of trying to earn between $500 and $1,000 each month in additional income this year.

I even made the strategic decision to gift a container of my shea butter whip and brown sugar body scrub to the Lady who does my hair in hope she will use it and/or recommend it to her other clients.

I have also been working on school work (two papers, discussion questions, case studies, etc). Graduate school in and of itself is hard/difficult/insanity/torture but combining that with family and work and FEMA and #sidehustle has me ready to find the nearest padded cell and enroll myself in the "Medicate & Calm A Sister Down" program.

The kids. I did my good deed for the year (yes I mean 2011, not 2010), yesterday when I Facebooked my Ex's brother for his number. Superhero wanted to talk to him. I did what a good mama would and let them speak. Why? Superhero knows that I love him and that the Hubbster loves him but I don't want him to be one of those jaded kids who hates their biological father because He made other life choices.

His choices have affected Superhero but I have continuing faith in my son that he will shape up to be an awesome man.

His choices have affected Princess too but she is like me (unfortunately) a grudge holder from way back. She literally wants nothing to do with him. To her, the Hubbster is Dad and the rest of us can go to that warm place in the sun for all she cares. (Trying to remember if I was like that at 9)

Work, is frustrating and not. I know I'm more than capable of doing the tasks in front of me but the problem is I have lost no motivation.


I asked for a raise, a salary review, a title bump - something, anything and I've gotten bupkus. Not even a letter of rejection as to why not. For two plus years I have worked for this company and in that time I have not gotten one inkling that my work is appreciated (monetarily).

I would almost rather be fired than left dangling; doing work that while I am excellent at said work, my efforts aren't reflect in my paycheck or in other incentives or perks. Give me an iPad or tablet or something material that will benefit both me and you (the company). Is that too much to ask? A little appreciation?

I didn't go out for New Year's Eve like I planned to when I lost my sitter and I didn't finish the assignment I was working on before it was time to go to Par tay. Princess and I spent the night in together watching movies and documentaries.

My 2011 Vision Board is my blueprint for how I want my year to proceed.

I want to become better at applying makeup, lose weight so that I can donate bone marrow, be a better blogger, be more productive, make more money, pay down debt, save more, live better, and be a happier person and find contentment in myself and in others.

Whew. Damn.

Two days down, 363 days to figure out how I will accomplish all of that.

Wish me luck!

And good luck to all of you who are attempting and transitioning this year!

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  1. Your goals and actions are so structured, you are sure to succeed. I am rooting for you via Twitter and your blog updates.