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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Natural Hair Confessions #naturalhair

I have been a natural since I BC'ed (big chop) my chemically damaged hair off in January 2002 but I have never 'cared' for my hair properly. I had a few misconceptions that I must now confess.

I love the texture of my hair. (I've mentioned before that I'm a tactile person, right?) I am a HIH (hand in hair) junkie. I will spend hours playing in it. I love stroking it, twisting it and just touching it. However for all that I love playing in my hair; I hate caring for and maintaining a 'style' in it.

Confession #1: I often spend months with my hair in braids and weave because the effort to style it is beyond me some days. I know the popular wash - n - go styles for naturals are toted everywhere but you don't see too many wash n go's with 4C hair.

I have gotten better but I'm not up to wearing my hair out everyday. On top of my lazy-ness factor, I also have to do Princess' hair. Those of you mothers with more than one daughter - I salute you. There is no way may hands or backside or patience can sit still long enough to do multiple heads of hair.

Confession #2: I used to never hydrate my hair. I would oil my scalp when it felt dry but my hair wouldn't get water unless I accidentally got it wet in the shower. I hate hair grease and memories of getting my scalp greased discouraged me from putting too much of anything in my head.

I am much better with this now. I try to deep condition at least once every ten days and moisturize if not daily every other.

Confession #3: When my hair got to that awkward length - past a TWA (teeny weenie afro) but not quite BAA (big a$$ afro) I would go hack it off. When and if it got to the BAA, I never had the confidence to try to let it get it to bra strap length. Another hack would take place.

I am going to try to let myself get past the BAA. I'm a few inches off of a full blown BAA now and go for that elusive bra strap length and then the mythical waist length.

Confession #4: I never learned to cornrow. I learned to braid but not cornrow which probably affected many of my hair decisions.

I have been practicing on Princess because she is in that in-between stage - not quite a little girl not quite a tween or teenager. Her style is evolving from the little girl styles I can do easily to something a little more big girl and my hair skills have had to evolve to keep up with her.

Thanks to YouTube and the blogs, Princess and I have been able to find a middle ground for hairstyles.

Confession #5: I have wanted to lock my hair since 2002. I've have the comb coils in at least five times and washed them out or chopped them off. Once they started to lock for real, I was like a nervous bride and bolted to the nearest salon to get them lopped off. Don't judge me. I love locks but for some reason I am unable to commit.

Side Note: If any of you happen to be a YouTube vlogger, riddle me this. Why do some of the African American vloggers/YouTubers not show how to create the little girl styles? They will show a montage of photos of styles they have done but not often will you find a photo montage of what happened each stage of the way.

I have confessed mine now it is time for you to confess yours. Do you have any natural hair confession? Done something with your hair in the past that makes you want to cringe now?

(This is one of those 58 draft posts that I tweeted about. 1 down 57 to go)

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  1. Ditto on 2, 4 & 5. Wanted to lock it, but don't now. I love my BAA; this yr want to grow it as big as it'll get! Guess I'll have to moisturize ;-)