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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Things I Learned This Week

Two things I learned or realized about myself this week stems for two "light-bulb-over-the-head-loud-inappropriate-gasp-epiphanies" I had this week.

Normally, I will have one epiphany. Which gives me a chance to mull it over, study it from several angles, digest it, formulate a lesson plan, and learn from it.

This week's two "a ha" moments have caught me off guard.

First, Twitter should have a watch list. A list of people that you may want to follow in the future but you want to see their next ten, twenty Tweets are like first. Or a list of people who have said some "Off the Wall" type ish and you want to put them on probation until they come back to themselves.

I say this because in the last three weeks I have had some strange encounters. Twitter is free, open to the public and I probably only can blame myself but ...

I am not a user of the "N" word. First, I think it is a hate filled word and the more it is used the less hate filled it becomes until the word loses its power to hurt. (not a good thing in my opinion because too many people have died, been offended and hurt over that word for it to become an endearment.)

Second, I have stopped speaking to people IRL much less people online for referring to me as such. I know how hard I bend my mind to absorb knowledge. Hell, I used to be one of those kids who thought if I slept with enough books under my pillow I could learn through osmosis. (Don't judge me, it is a valid idea - except for your skull not being porous enough and books not being a permeable material. In my next life - I'm inventing liquid books you can pour in your ear.)

Anyhoo back to Twitter and the "N" word. If I see that word in my timeline, I almost immediately want to unfollow that person. On a secondary level I feel closely the same toward seeing "bitches and hoes" and any of the spelling variations. Seeing those words makes me want to reevaluate who I'm following. If Twitter had a watch list, I could move that person there instead of totally unfollowing them. Maybe they were having a bad day (we all have them) and I don't want to completely wrong them in my head.

Second epiphany of the week, is that no matter how much I try to change/convert myself there are some stubborn persistent fundamental parts of me that will never change. One is that I hate/loathe people who try to engage me in a battle of wits and they come unarmed. This happened recently and I had to hold myself back from going for their jugular with the truth because I would have looked like the wrong one.

I hate being in the wrong. I hate thinking that other people got the best of me in a mental battle - even if I was wrong.

I have a huge Updates on ME post I've been working on that I need to finish so come back later or tomorrow.


  1. I'm with you on the n-word, along with several other words. I unfollow people that use bitch as an interchangeable word for woman. I also unfollow misogynistic tweets. It almost always catches me off guard when someone that's been tweeting like they have sense seem to lose their mind. Confession: I unfollowed several people last week that switched from the State of the Union address to The Game. Yeah, I judged them, oh well.

  2. The fight against ignance (yes ignance) is an infinite struggle. And Twitter reveals more about people in 140 than I ever imagined...

  3. Confession: I did too. Then talked about them...

  4. I too, never thought 140 could be so expressive.