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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whip It Wednesday: Fall Apart Omelet Sandwiches

So Saturday, I wanted a veggie omelet but it fell apart on me coming out of the skillet. Too many veggies not enough eggs is my guess as to why.

My solution was to take the eggs and bacon and combine with grill cheese sandwich.

Fall Apart Omelet Sandwiches:

Two Eggs (per person)
Two Slices of Bacon (per person)

Crack eggs for your omelet in a bowl:

Add (if you prefer):

Bell Peppers
Carrot (I only had shredded)
Spinach - (I had a little bit of the frozen kind left.)

{I guess you see why my omelet fell apart.}

After your veggie scrambled eggs are done. Layer them with the couple of slices of bacon, slice of cheese piled between two slices of potato bread and grill.

That was some kind of good. I wish I had the foresight to take pictures but I was HONgree.

(This is one of those 58 draft posts that I tweeted about. 3 down 54 to go)

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