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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Thoughts on the Breast Milk Baby

As the mother of a nine year old daughter, I find the doll disgusting. That is my opinion before you go off and call me everything but a child of god...Listen.

Our culture subliminally or subconsciously place so many roles on who you should be based on gender. Once a woman  reaches a certain age she is supposed to be wife, mother, lover, friend and so many other things and often times in that exact order. Women are supposed to finish high school, go to college, start a career, marry by 25, have 2.5 kids by 30, resume her career, stay in shape, cook clean, dress like a fashion plate, be perfectly coiffed and still satisfy her husband and children's needs.

Where in that list is she supposed to find herself? Where in the list is she just supposed to be herself? Why must she always follow that "pre-ordained path"?

Back to the doll.

IMHO, this doll is just another cog in the wheel pushing a young girl down that pre-ordained path early.

Use of this doll could lead to the objectification of the girls body because she will automatically begin to compare her child's body to that of adult women. She could/will find herself lacking in that comparison.

In a sex obsessed, image obsessed, body obsessed culture why would you want to potentially give your daughter another complex?

I don't want my child to think of herself as a mother first.

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