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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Fitness Financial Conundrum

The Hubbster had plans to surprise me with a used elliptical for Valentine’s Day. (See why I keep him around?) Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to give me that present. He mentioned the other day something about finding another used elliptical.

I said no.


Well simple, I want the Hubbster to be able to work out as well. At his height of 6’9”, he can’t stand on the treadmill we currently have in our basement without bumping his head. 

If we got the elliptical, then it would be two pieces of exercise equipment in the house that he can’t use. . I feel like the better use of the elliptical money would be to purchase a gym membership.

If we did a little research we could find both a gym that is 24 hours and one that has a family plan so that all of us could take advantage.

I don’t want to say that the Hubbster balked but he did give me that look. The “I need to mull over what you said” look.

So what do you think? Get the used elliptical or find a gym?

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  1. I say Gym membership if it fits in your budget. I've had workout equipment at home before...and while it is super convenient, after awhile it got hard for me to self-motivate. If I go to a gym, it's an "event." It's too easy for me at home to take a break, and then never end the break. If I'm at a gym, I'm there to work out, and that's what I do...it feeds my motivation to exercise. That's how my brain is wired anyway....I'm fully aware that everyone is different. I know people that have home workout equipment and it works great for them. So, you have to examine what would motivate you more....and what's affordable.