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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Five Bloggers I Miss or Gone But Not Forgotten

I took a little time the other day to start cleaning out my Google Reader. I did this because I now use Feedly.

Feedly turns my Google Reader into a fun, colorful magazine.

Well, Feedly told me that I had 19 categories of blogs and 278 sources.

I know, good and well I don't read that many blogs so I went on a cleaning spree.

I started by cleaning out anyone who hadn't posted in the last 180. That got rid of 12 blogs right there.

The problem?

A couple of these blogs were people I couldn't wait for them to post more.

Blog #1 - Art of the Coupon blogged about couponing of course but also homemade cleaning supplies, and my bane, student loan debt.

Blog #2 - I've Paid for This Twice Already or Paid Twice who blogged about a little of everything personal finance related from brown bagging to snowflaking to ebaying for coupons. My favorite posts of hers had to do with her clunker of a car. I have and still own a car that has a shoddy reliability record. I could laugh with her as she told about her car woes.

Blog #3 - The Hustle of Sistah Ant - Sistah Ant was the first blogger who referred their readers to one of my post and she participated in one of my very first giveaways. She recently blogged in February but hasn't been seen since.

Blog #4 - True Adventures in Money Hacking - Wren was one of my first bloggy buddies. She and I guest blogged for each other and what can I say we have similar personalities. Wren moved to Costa Rica and doesn't post regularly anymore.

Blog #5 - Escape Brooklyn  - blogged about her adventures in Brooklyn and her desire to be (almost anywhere but there). I died laughing at her post and regret that she doesn't blog publicly anymore.

I've done mine, now you do yours. Tell me which bloggers you miss and why.


  1. Hopefully this post will inspire the named bloggers to post again, and often.

  2. Oh man, I keep checking on Sistah Ant once in a while to see if she's come back, but no dice!

    And Escape Brooklyn actually started a new blog in her new locale, if you want to follow her there. Ping me on twitter & I'll get you the new URL.