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Friday, April 29, 2011

May Goals

Is it May already?

I swear the year moves faster and faster. Maybe the perception is from child to adult. As a child we are straining for summer, as an adult a summer day is just another day in the year.

Soon the kids will be out of school, the oppressive heat will arrive, and the rest of the summer delights.

My May Goals are:

1. Go to the gym everyday. That will cover that pesky 3 weeks to form a habit.

2. Take at least ten classes while at the gym - I'm leaning toward the spin class and the body pump classes.

3. Establish a daily routine that keeps me productive. Rotating between library, school work, reading, housework, etc.

4. Find 25+ free or nearly free things to do with Princess and Superhero this summer. (I'll share)

5. Abstain from my weakness - potatoes. Chips, mashed, fried, etc.

6. Coupon more and harder and harder again.

7. Budget. Reduce as many expenses as possible - this may include switching car and renter's insurance, reducing my Netflix, etc and a stricter tracking of my finances.

8. Continue on my make up journey.

9. Pick Princess up from school.

10. Replace one meal a day with a salad and/or try the vegan until six eating plan.

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