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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Newest and Favorite Android App #Droid

Just so you know I am obsessed with QR Codes. ------> It is real scan it.

 If you don't know QR or quick response codes - they are two dimensional square bar codes that enable the quick transfer of information through your phone.

I know you are about to say that you don't have a smart phone! (You mumble mumble smart phone users always trying to make someone jealous!)

You don't necessarily need an iPhone or Android, you do need a phone with a camera and the ability to download an app that will turn your camera phone into a bar code reading machine.

The app that has made my month is QR Droid. Which not only reads QR codes others have created but will generate a QR code on your phone for others to scan on the spot.

You can now create or generate a QR Code to transfer contact info, calendar events, URL's, geolocation and SMS (text messages). You can also decode by scanning, from a saved image or an image URL.

I rate this app 10 stars out of five. It may be one of the few non game apps that I would pay for...the other apps that I would pay for include OurGroceries and KeyRing.

Do you have a smart phone? Are you a Droid or an iProduct junkie? What is your favorite app? If you don't have a smart phone are you planning on buying one in the near future.

To learn more about QR Droid, go HERE. Did I mention that it is free?

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