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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adding to my Personal Travelogue: Los Angeles Part Trois

Every where I go I like to do something. I love traveling and I remember a place better if I had something memorable to do or eat. 

Most of the time it is eat the local specialty but I love to explore, shop and act like a local.

I'm going to be in Los Angeles in July for the Blogging While Brown conference.

My last couple of times in Los Angeles I ate a maple bacon doughnut at the Nickel Diner. 

Hit the  Grill Em All truck from The Great Food Truck Race. 

Had the Minute Tour with @TotallyBougie and ate at the original Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.  

Had my first and second taste of Del Taco, watched the nephews at their football games and practices. 

I also got my eyebrows arched, visited the Slauson and Inglewood Swapmeet.

This time around:


I want hit the beach. I never sit and relax. I'm always trying to occupy my hands or my mind. I need to lay on a towel or recline in a chair and get my daily fill of Vitamin D. This is on my 35 by 35 bucket list.

Go to Shareen Vintage of Dresscue Me. This is one of my new must watch shows on Planet Green. 

I love Shareen, she is like Rachel Zoe without all the annoying dramatics and catch phrases.

Shareen and her staff take vintage clothes and alter them to fit the modern day girl. 

I'm not holding out hope that she will be able to 'dresscue me' the episode that I saw that featured a plus size girl - the team seemed to struggle to dress her. 

With my large breasts I can't won't hold out any hope but being able to go in will be just as fabulous. Maybe I can get @totallybougie to buy something. I hope she knows she is going with...

If I have time, I want to hit a couple of other thrift stores. I need to create my shopping budget and list before I leave DC.

Go to the La Brea Tar Pits - I know where they are thanks to my sister in law, @TotallyBougie's Minute Tour. I actually want to go in to see them. This isn't a must for me but it is a want.

I want to see the Griffith Observatory. This place has been in so many Hollywood movies that it is a must. The views whether in daylight or night time always capture my attention. It is a must for me. 

Trivia question: 

Name one movie that features Griffith Observatory? 

Find and eat at the @ButtermilkTruck and the @Frysmith Truck. If you can believe it this is on my 35 by 35 Bucket List as well.

I also want to have a fish taco. 

That is a pretty good list but I need your help. I literally have a whole day to fill up before and after the conference. Recommend something or someplace for me to explore in L.A.

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