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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seven Best Non Present Presents for Mother's Day

I'm back!

Don't know what to get the woman who has everything?

Feel like your Mother's Day presents always come up just short of pleasing the lady in your life?

Tired of buying flowers, candy, and the other gifts like spa gift certificates?

I'm here to help with my list of non present presents.

The best thing any mother wants is time.

Wait, don't say it.

No, I don't mean watches or clocks (unless she is in to those things) I mean time savers. How can you save time for someone else?

Maid Service
How about pre-purchasing a few hours of maid service? Don't have the money for maid service? You can offer your services as a maid or laundress or dry cleaner or duster extraordinaire? You can print a cute Coupon Book from Here. (Additional tip: try your local group buying sites - LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, DealsForDeeds and others for maid service deals)

Day of Rest
A gift that I would appreciate more than anything else is a day of rest. Take the kids away from the lady in your life and force her to take a nap or unwind.

Lessons, Classes and Other learning Experiences
Does your lady watch Dancing With the Stars and sigh wistfully? Why not sign her up for ballroom dancing lessons or belly dancing? She's not a dancer? What about cooking or sewing or scrapbooking or pottery or pizza making or jewelry making or....

There's An App For That
Does she have a smart phone and not know what to do with it. Download your favorite apps for her and then "teach" her how to use them. She gets some personal attention and you get to show off your skills. You can also gift an app through iTunes. My personal favorite Android apps are KeyRing, OurGroceries, QRDroid, Shazaam and TaskList. Win for everyone.

Pay A Bill
Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to go and see that a bill was paid on their behalf? It would make my day, week, hell month...It doesn't matter what bill - whether a utility, insurance, or Netflix payment, all would be appreciated.

Give the Gift of Backup
Set up her computer to have online backup of files, those precious pictures and everything she has stored with Mozy or Carbonite or other sites.

Photos, Photos, Photos
For some unknown reasons we mothers love pictures of our kids. We love it even more if you dressed up nice and smiling! Candid shots are the rarest and easiest. Combine a bunch of your recent photos and give your mother some new versions of your smiling face.

Additional Tip: Did you see a great deal on a group buying site but your funds were tight? Try DealsGoRound.  DealsGoRound lets you purchase unused group buying coupons from others and Sell your unused group buying coupons as well.

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  1. I like this! Besides good gifts for mom, there are great resources for me. Thanks!