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Sunday, June 5, 2011

35 by 35 Updates

Today I will be working on numbers 13 and if I get lucky number 6 of my 35 by 35.

My list work today is on Number 13: Join a networking group(s). It is actually me attending the DC Louisiana Collegiate  Coalition Alumni Chapters 2011 Annual Crawfish Boil. This event is held annually and I have missed it every year I have been in the DC area. 

Not this time.

I'm not taking any family with me so I should be able to network and hopefully add some people to my client roster (Number 6).

On Friday, the Hubbster and I went to Truckeroo where I worked on Number 34 Eat from more food trucks..

I tried BBQ Bus DCI ordered the BBQ Bus Sampler. I was not that impressed with the pulled pork which had a mushy feel of overcooked. The beef fell flat for me as well, it had a mushy too tender feel. 

The chicken was surprisingly good. Their smoky sauce. (I believe it was #5) was excellent. I would by a bottle of that for sure. The coleslaw was too chunky and didn't gel in my mouth and the baked beans need more flavor. Those beans tasted like a reheated old can of VanCamps Pork & Beans. 

On my informal food truck scale I give BBQ Bus DC a two out of five food trucks. The sauce was excellent but a good sauce can't cover for poorly cooked meat.

The Hubbster gives BBQ Bus DC one out of five food trucks. He had the smoked and sauced wings. Which he says needed a little more time on the grill. He concurs, the sauces were excellent but the meats needed more work.

The Hubbster also had a slice of pepperoni from DC Slices. He gives DC Slices a four out of five food trucks. He liked that the pizza was made fresh on the truck with a good amount of cheese and pepperoni. The crust was good.  He loved the sauce and the size of the slice. And it was a good slice of pizza for four dollars. His only complaint was having to wait for it.

I also had a popsicle from Pleasant Pops. In fact I had the Carolina sweet tea popsicle which is  a cup of McDonald's Sweet Tea in frozen form. It was too good. I give it a five out of five food trucks. This is my third trip to Pleasant Pops. It never disappoints from their innovative flavors to the very short to no lines what could be better.

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