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Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Watching: Correction

In my last What I'm Watching, I set quite a few hearts racing because I was incorrect in the date that The Closer's season seven premiere was happening. It is July 11th as I've been tweeted, emailed and called to correct.

Ya'll now I'm trying to get my brain into working order after overloading it for too long with work, internship, graduate school and kids, husband and more. It is hard trying to balance so much and do it well.  Coincidentally, that is one of the problems that Brenda Leigh experiences during season six her work life balance was out of whack too.

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Before I go back to work full time I'm going to revamp the way my household is run. I'm working now to run my household the way it was run when I was still a single mom. I cooked in batches, I used my crock pot more. I do laundry every day. I am reducing the amount of stuff we have. Clutter doubles and triples the more people you have in the house. With five people in the house, I need to be more active in eliminating clutter - the whole 'bring something in take something out' philosophy.

 I'm also going to stop trying to put off doing errands on one day. This is major. I would be so tired from work, etc that I would just say I'll do it the weekend. Well the weekend got here and I had so many things to do that I spent the whole weekend catching up for the week. Never actually relaxing or having a day off in my pursuit of catching up.

I am working now on establishing a routine that will be sustainable once I go back to work. I'll blog about it later this week. How are you balancing work and life? What is your routine? Are you a delayer?

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