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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Homemade Version of McDonald’s Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

I first tried the McDonald's frozen strawberry lemonade with a free coupon from a mailer I received in the junk mail pack.

I have to admit I loved it without reservation even though I'm not a fan off pucker face tart things.

The problem of course with trying something for free is that if you like it then you will want to keep having it. The kids and I were out and I only had one more coupon for a free strawberry lemonade. There is no way the three of us could have shared one.

When I saw the damn things were $2+ dollars a piece, I headed into the grocery instead of keeping through the drive through line.

At the grocery, I got a tube of the frozen lemonade concentrate. I also had some fresh strawberries and frozen strawberries at home.

We headed home and I pulled out the handy dandy blender. I tossed a half dozen strawberries in along with the entire frozen lemonade concentrate and two cups of ice. It came out like this ----->

Well to say that the kids loved the taste but wanted the look of the MickeyD's one was an understatement. I know mom fail.

I experimented the next time I made it because I wanted to capture the look of the MickeyD's.

Step One:

I pureed 6 strawberries separately in the blender and lined the bottom of the glasses with them.

Step Two

I then tossed in the entire 12 ounce tube of  frozen lemonade concentrate and  1 and 1/2 cups of ice in the blender.

Step Three

After the lemonade and ice combined in the blender, I poured the lemonade slush over the strawberry puree in the glasses.

Step Four 


Yes it was still pucker face tart and had the look of the original MickeyD's original.

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