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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TAG: 7 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by my Twitterpal Single Ma of Fit & Fab For Life. She loves to blame me for 3/4 of everything and pic my brain.  

From what I understand of the rules: I am to list 7 random things about yourself and answer a couple of questions. 

1. I have an addiction to Cafe World game on Facebook. It is almost shameful that I play this game so much but I do. I will play for hours on end like I have nothing else to do.

2. I have never in my entire life done an illegal drug. My uncle and childhood hero spent over twenty years strung out on various drugs. Watching him fight his demons for so long and become a different person under the influence has made me overly cautious (in some people's opinion) but I never want to do any type of drug. Nor do I want to be around people who thinks drug use is "cool" or okay or something to be taken lightly.

3. I can't swim. Long story but picture me as a small naive little girl being pitched into a dirty pond. Yeah. It didn't end well.

4. I swear like a drunken blue balled sailor denied shore leave with the whore house 50 feet away. 

 5. I am a Leo born on the cusp of Virgo (August 23) which means I am the ultimate combo of both. I have periods where I need to be surrounded by people and times where I want to be the only person within 50 miles.

6. I don't like slapstick and spoof. I would rather stab myself in the eye than watch these movies and television shows. 

Years ago, a very cute (think Michael Ealy), very tall (6'6), very everything  I like (respectful, educated, well mannered) guy asked me out to a special screening of a new movie. I agreed. We went straight to the theater with the idea of movie first, then dinner, then maybe a jazz lounge and cocktails after. The movie he took me to was 'Don't Be A  Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.' Let me say that I barely made it through the movie and asked to be taken home directly after. 

Actually I said "Take me home... no I don't want dinner... no I don't want to hear the band... no I don't want a drink.... I want to go home and pray to God that I haven't lost brain cells after you made me watch that stupid ass mess. What the hell is wrong with you? You thought that shit was funny?"

I think I told him to lose my name, number and address and the picture in his head of what I looked like.

7.  In my head, I think there is no such thing as too many books. 

  • Favorite Color: Grey
  • Favorite Song: I couldn't name one to save my life. How about top ten?
  • Favorite Dessert: anything with chocolate
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Liars and being lied too. If you lie to me you obviously don't know me well. I cut people off for less
  • When You are Upset, You: Curse like drunken blue ball sailor
  • Your Favorite Pet: Dogs, the bigger the better. I've had a German Shepard, pit bull, Siberian husky. Unfortunately Princess is afraid of dogs.  
  • Black or White: Black
  • Biggest Fear: Becoming stagnant person
  • Best Feature: My brain
  • Everyday Attitude: I think it, I can do it
  • What Is Perfection: Achievement
  • Guilty Pleasure: Playing in makeup
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  1. The more to know the more to love... ha ha ha

  2. "I swear like a drunken blue balled sailor denied shore leave with the whore house 50 feet away." << this right here...

    It made me crack up laughing yesterday and I'm still laughing about it today. You'z a fool, girl! LOL

  3. @1bb1ae2cd8f920f79f1cf02dc0dfd0ed:disqus & @0df4f8d216ec2af86acbb5f830bfec77:disqus Thanks for the random love.