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Friday, July 15, 2011

Updates on ME: Friday the 15th of July

I can't remember when I last did an update post but here we go!

Blogging While Brown was last week and I had a blast meeting so many of my favorite Twitter peeps, the networking, the uber informative sessions made for a great conference. I should know I have been at some terrible conferences that I didn't learn one thing at and probably loss information.

The sessions and the interactions I had with people have convinced me that I need to launch my business website ASAP. I have been trying to focus more on my current client's needs rather than trying to expand my client list (both are goals on my Updated 35by35 List)

I really enjoyed staying with my sister in law @TotallyBougie and my nephews @UniversalNephew, Trouble Two and Trouble Three.

We had a three day burger taste off. Fatburger vs. In - N- Out vs Five Guys. Five Guys is still numero uno in my book followed by Fatburger and then In N Out.

I had a maple bar from Randy's Donuts and so many other kinds as well. Yes the iconic towering donut that you have seen in hundreds of movies and tv shows.

I hit Venice Beach with my sis, the nephews and @DarlingTiffi

I went to Shareen Vintage with @TotallyBougie. We had the greatest time. Hint - never take a fashionista with a wicked sense of humor and a database of movie lines in her head to a vintage clothing store. TotallyBougie had me and the staff of Shareen Vintage in stitches laughing. She related every and I mean every dress to a movie character.

I am thinking of changing my blog perspective. Not sure what to but I have some rough ideas that I need to flesh out. (Stick around it will be a wild ride if nothing else)

Graduate school resumes for me next month - so if I disappear you know what happened to me. I can't believe all the time I have taken off! I feel like only a portion of my brain has recovered from the extreme over usage I put it through.

I fell off the gym wagon last week when I was preparing for BWB and while I was away from my gym. I will get back on the gym wagon. I don't want to lose all the progress I made in getting up to 90 minute workouts.

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  1. Glad to see you back and posting! It sounds like you had a great time at your conference! I'm jealous of your burger contest. Never had Fatburger, but we have 5 guys and In-n-Out here and I have to agree. 5 guys comes in first! Have fun getting ready for another exciting semester of grad school. Gotta hit the ground running!