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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloning My Pandora or 20 Artists You Should Be Listening To for @KeilaBee1

If you follow me on Twitter, especially when I was working a regular job then you may have seen me tweet a lot of songs from Pandora. 

I have slacked off a lot since most of the time now I'm only listening to Pandora in the car or at the gym.

I love Pandora! Like I would trade a handbag for it and ya'll know how I am about my purses. I upgraded to Pandora One in January and it was and still continues to be the best $36 I've spent all year.

I can't tell you how many stations I have. Let's just say more than all my fingers and toes and the fingers and toes of three or four other people's as well.

I loathe regular radio stations. The same 22 songs can be found on most stations at the same time and are played once every hour or so it seems. Variety left mainstream radio a long time ago and it may never return. I hate listening to the radio in the car I almost want to bang my head on the dashboard or drive my car into the radio station.

I love to listen to artists that are as Michael Baisden would say "B side artists." I'm not sure what is more fun for me discovering new artists or introducing new artists to other people.

I have been asked to share my Pandora station way too many times to count. I am uber protective of it. I don't like sharing it.

Friday night, I went to the hookah bar with @SingleMa and @KeilaBee1 and I mentioned my Pandora stations. @KeilaBee1 asked me to share some of the non mainstream people I listen to - so here is my top twenty Artists You Should Be Listening To for @KeilaBee1

1. William Elliott Whitmore - What can I say? I love this man. His voice belongs to some old soul - a hell, brimstone and damnation preacher that stands erect and thinks everything is a sin. Listen to Hell or High Water and tell me what you think. His new album Field Songs
 just came out in July.

2. Rissi Palmer - I love country music! And Rissi's Country Girl is all me.

3. Eternia and Moss - Eternia is the rapper and Moss is her producer/trackmaster/collaborator (think Missy Elliot and Timbaland) I've read an article that called her the female Eminem. 

4. Naturally 7 - After seeing them live at the Strathmore - I love them even more. They had me jumping in my heels, sweating out my fro, ruining my makeup!

5. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - I want to see them live so bad! They look like they put on a show a rip roaring good time.

6. Joan Armatrading - Just listen.

7. Villebilles - I first heard them on a track - My Old Kentucky Home with my favorite rap group, Nappy Roots. I had to hear more after that song and Whiskey River didn't disappoint.

8. Carolina Chocolate Drops - I have no idea where I first heard them but I can't imagine some of playlists without them. Yes, this is Blu Cantrell's "Hit Em Up Style."

9. Arkansas Bo - I first heard Bo when we were Arkansas after Katrina. One of my coworkers introduced me to him via a homemade mix tape.

10. Tiye Phoenix - When someone says they are Half Woman Half Amazing I listen up.

11. Bonerama - My other favorite brass band.

12. Soul Rebels - My favorite brass band.

13. Ruthie Foster - Just listen.

14. Bettye LaVette - By no means is Ms. LaVette new to music but her voice is ageless and her latest album showcases how some singers get better with time.

15. Alvin Youngblood Hart

16. Etana

17. The Soul of John Black

18. Georgia Anne Muldrow

19. Alicia James

20. Wanda Jackson - Yes I mean the Queen of Rockabilly who isn't new but she has captured my attention. I can't listen to her and not want to bop my head.

Who are your B-side artists? Please share.

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  1. OMG these are incredible! Thank You! Some I knew of, some I didn't. I am totally fangirling you rn! *jumping up and down* I LOVE when I find new music!