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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Four Fears That Keep ME From Becoming a Runner

Apparently, 45 minutes into my workout (bike or elliptical) I am susceptible to epiphanies or maybe it is because the stationary bikes are behind the treadmills but I had another fitness epiphany.

I'm pedaling along watching the television and take a scan of the people in front of me. All ten or twelve treadmills are full and with the exception of two people everyone was running.

Which lead me to thinking about me and when if ever I think I will be ready to run.

The answer is "IDK, my BFF Rose." {cell phone commercial } which is my sarcastic answer when I haven't applied any thought to something.

I have been trying to complete the Couch 2 5K running program for way longer than I care to think about or want to express here.

It occurred to me during that bike ride that while I recognize my number one main fear of running on the treadmill - falling off the treadmill. I still fear falling period.

My number two fear of running especially if I think about running outside is getting hurt; tripping on a rock, being hit my a car or another person, cramp, falling period - which frankly I'm clumsy enough to do just walking down the street.

My number three fear of running - again running outside is going further than my stamina and endurance can take me and not being able to return home under my own power. What if I decide that I want to do 5 miles but at the turnaround point I stall out? Nothing left in the tank. How am I to get home? Am I supposed to keep a twenty in my shoe for emergency cab money?

Fear number four is probably the biggest one of all because it is all mental - what will people think? Will they laugh or make fun of me? I'm already conscious of how my body looks in motion - huge breasts going one way, very round belly going the other...

These are the fears are what I must conquer before I can dedicate myself wholeheartedly to running. Any suggestions to help me overcome my fears?


  1. My sentiments exactly, especially number 4.  I would also like to know how to overcome this.  In my head I imagine that I would go for a walk around a local lake, and then in one of the side trails if there was no one, I would start to run. But it hasn't happened yet because I know what it would look like, and what if someone came around the corner? Eek!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Number 1 and number 4 are the biggest fears I have and the more I tell others the more they seem to agree. We will keep looking for the solution together.